Slow Down Center City is a campaign designed to make college dorm students and local residents more aware of the vast amount of food choices in Center City. It contains information about the healthier places that you can eat, and offers alternatives for the usual fast food in the area. The purpose of the campaign is to get college dorm students, and people who frequent the area to “slow down”, and reconsider their food choices. Through a series of infographics, a slow food map, a slow food guide, and an informational website, people in the area can become more cultured on the food that is available to them in the area. The campaign includes research I did from several of the area’s dorms, and information on the healthiest restaurants to choose from in the area. Through this campaign, Center City residents can learn about some interesting statistics, and also better their own lives by cutting down on the usual fast food choices they make. Slow Down Center City highlights culinary aspects as well as health concerns, and addresses the problems that large meal crowds have every day in the area.